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The AR Management Challenges

Accounts Receivable strategies are a compulsory requirement for efficient flowing of the economic troubles at all healthcare practices. These strategies mostly contain matters such as when and how to manage bills and the amount of the bills. Most AR management feels some challenges that may reduce your cash flow.

Are you struggling to keep up with accounts receivable? Our AR management services can help you streamline your billing processes, reduce overdue payments, and improve your cash flow. With our expert team by your side, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of your finances. Contact us today to learn more.

Lack of dedicated time: This problem increases from outdated approaches to AR management. These include your managerial team conducting bills, follow-up with the patients, and also gathering patients in the hospital. This improves the extra pressure on your staff to increase the chance of mistakes.

Disordered records: It is notable to see how much cash on your practice is still to be reimbursed, which bills are prepared for proposal and which ones are previously paid. Incorrect book management means some bills are ready to slip up over the flaws, estimate your practice extremely.

Lack of skill and guidance: Lacking to train your team on AR processes can be very unfavorable to AR billing that may affect the productivity of your practices.

Your AR Operations Need The Experts to Take Care of

Account Receivable Management has been really difficult and complex. The development of payment strategies, patient payments, co-pays arrangements, claims management, and many other related activities have added to the complication and doubt of payments. Physicians require a broad policy to help reduce repayment problems and speed up cash flow.

The Medicator’s offers end-to-end Revenue cycle management services for all healthcare systems. Our qualified medical biller, coder, and AR team will wisely follow and discover every claim till payment is received. Our dedicated AR managers work out with health insurance financiers, doctors, and patients.

AR Management Services

Our expert team will systematically calculate your account receivable stage, and due claims, and verify banned claims, and small payments. Across appropriate follow-up and calls, we can benefit you to get faster cash flow and reduce the number of dates of accounts receivable. Our experts can control all AR operations, accurate claim submission, accurate evaluation of discarded claims, and active follow-up.

We Take Care of Your AR In A Systematic Way

AR Data Collection

Our AR team identifies the claims registered on the AR aged report and recognizes which claims demand to be adjusted.

AR Analysis

Our team analyzed denied claims and incomplete payments. If any claim is found with an error, our team modifies it and resends the claim.

AR Classification

Our experts identify payer classification and work on settling the mix that results in the best collections. They arrange the claims by date of service and dollar value.

Assigning Cases to Experts

We can professionally find and classify different medical billing setups which affect non-payment of charges and help you settle those challenges to get more claims paid.

Follow Ups

After submission of the medical claims to the insurance payer, our AR team will keep track of all claims that cross the one month.

Comprehensive AR Reporting

We make different types of financial reports, containing regular analyses of the troubles that cause denial. We help you to differentiate between collectible and non-collectible totals.

Your Gains Are Higher When You Outsource AR Management

Outsourcing your AR process to professionals like The Medicator’s can carry out organized AR management activities and run to collection progresses. We educate and hire callers with healthcare expertise, RCM skill, and superb communication skills. The Medicator’s support a strict audit procedure and struggle to fix the error percentage while successful collections.

Our AR Management Services will increase your revenue and improve cash flow.

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