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The Medicator’s is an innovative leading provider of medical billing solutions that have been serving individual practices, group practices, specialty practices, and hospitals to operate a healthcare system with the best outcomes.

The Medicator’s deliver end-to-end revenue cycle management services that encourage all medical practices to keep on top of financial and controlling encounters. Our medical billing solutions simplify processes, streamline decision-making, and ensure compliance with business values and best practices at last saving effort and time and maximizing benefit and revenues.

To work with us you will go into a system where there are smaller denials and further timely reimbursements from payers. Our RCM experts offer direction on choosing and achieving the latest MACRA/MIPS rules. Also, our RCM automation tools set the control of data in your hand.


Our vision is to make a team of people that meet our standards. Decision making based on our vision and value. Making complicated processes natural via innovative application of technology.


The Medicator’s mission is to support healthcare organizations and individual specialists to identify their revenue cycle more clearly and to explain their way to increase their financial state.

Our Values

To constantly grow on our reputation of surviving as a highly trustworthy service provider. To increase the bars of services with positive stages. To bring excellence with the help of growing technologies.

Passion for Excellence

We are passionate about procedures, people, practices, and service excellence. We help our clients by modernization and constantly improving our service delivery with a steady effort on their progressing needs.


Innovation is at the core of whatever we do. We urge people to break down difficulties and take smart risks to generate realistic solutions that tackle some of the most demanding challenges our clients face.

Team Work

Our team of certified coders and billers have the skills and proficiency to fulfill your service with perfect work. Being a team every team member is appreciated, refreshed to succeed at the peak level, and rewarded for his/her work.

Our Commitment to Quality of Service

The Medicator’s is committed to delivering quality care to those we help. The Quality Management Department at The Medicator’s observes the company’s hard work to confirm the best care is delivered to the members we serve. We obtain our quality rankings very honestly and continuously check our results and apply them as a monitor for how we can provide better services.

We are pleased that our performance fulfills your desired requirements. We constantly work to make enhancements and to reach quality excellence. We apply ISO International Standards to making and improving cost-effective and successful practices, following all rules.

Experience and Expertise

The Medicator’s has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, providing complete medical billing services to practitioners, hospitals, and clinics. When outsourcing your medical billing service, appointing domain-specific billing and coding experts for your medical practice creates awareness.

The Medicator’s is one of the best medical billing service companies offering well-organized medical billing services to your practices. Our large list of satisfied clients shows our expertise in many areas. Our experience and expertise in different fields instantly help you increase your revenue.

Experience and Expertise

We Are Serving to

Individual Practice

Our RCM works with an individual physician or specialty practice that helps to increase the growth rate of profit smoothly and errorless.

Group Practices

The Medicator’s RCM collaborates with group practices to ensure more revenue, more financial strength, Fast Payment processing, and confirm suitable results via schemes.


We cooperate with different hospitals to increase and accelerate reimbursements, prevent disagreement, remove revenue leakage, and perform on the patient involvement.

We Get You Covered from EHR Struggles

To know the latest and advanced features of your EHRs we are experts in the following practice management systems.
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