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Verification of patients’ eligibility and prior authorization is a complicated and recurring process that is executed almost 365 days a year. To take payments for the services delivered, healthcare providers need to validate every patient’s eligibility and advantages before the visit. A few estimations show that as many as 75% of the claims are denied as the patient is not eligible for the services provided by the healthcare provider. Unluckily, it is one of the most ignored procedures in revenue cycle management. Prior Authorization in Medical Billing helps the healthcare organization in the suitable payment collection for the services offered, decreasing denials and follow-up on the same.

This derives when the Insurance eligibility verification process is done. Ineffective eligibility verification and prior authorization processes can cause raised claim denials, overdue payments, extra struggle on revision, postpones in patient interaction to care, reduced patient satisfaction, and non-payment of claims.


Receiving Patient Information

Verifying Insurance Coverage

Initiating Prior Authorization

Updating Provider's Billing System

The Medicator’s can help you to confirm whether or not a specific medical process is covered as well as get prior authorization from payers when needed. This will make sure reimbursement is appropriate on time. Our qualified insurance verification experts call insurance firms and obtain approvals in a well-organized way. We get official procedures, effort on customer’s software, and collect material to gain prior authorization. The Medicator’s is a leading insurance authorization enterprise that works with all private and government insurance companies. We gather all information about eligibility verification procedures.

We contact financiers and get pre-authorization very fast. Our team will guarantees that payer standards are seen before sending the request and can plan how long it will take to check and approve the pre-authorization. We confirm that requests are submitted with all required documents. It’s essential that you are repaid for the care you deliver. We handle the procedure, you don’t have to worry regarding these matters. We help to drive your billing process rapidly so that you get paid faster and smoothly.

Our Eligibility Verification and Prior Authorization Services Bring Profits & Satisfaction

Increased Cash Flow

The claims have a better chance to be approved and processed quickly if eligibility data is up-to-date. That benefits the practices to maintain a reliable cash flow by reducing denials and write-offs and increasing collections.

Reduced Denials

Our Eligibility verification and Prior authorization services ensure that there is a smaller number of claim denials and cash flow is faster. After verification, the insurance, and a patient share cover the processes with minimum claims denial.

Reduced Write Offs

The clear purpose of patient responsibilities for payments reduces the patient’s outstanding amount. Our active bad debt management method provides the patient with each feasible financial resource and allows the health systems to effort less on payment.

Increased Billing

Eligibility replies are observed clearly, and that improves overall medical billing processes efficiency. The result will improve patient involvement ensuring a reliable and rationalized method. We handle the entire whole process at less than a third of the costs.

Increased Focus On
Patient Care

Our well-organized eligibility verification and prior authorization services are handled means that the patient can be reserved for care appraisals with the practitioner on a well-timed, thus enhancing patient pleasure as well as physician deployment.

Increased Patient

A huge patient satisfaction result is a sign given it in the right way from start to end. Interaction, clearness, sympathy, loyalty, and respect are the main capabilities of the providers that they give to patients.

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