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Why Revenue Cycle Management is So Important?

The practices in the current healthcare organizations would carefully observe how they handle the revenue cycle process. In the same way, organizing poor billing practices may cause financial failures. In such situations, hospitals concentrate more on staying money-making rather than being concerned for the patients.

Furthermore, the amount of patient data concerned in the RCM means that any mistakes might be considered officially authorized outcomes. So, employing revenue cycle management to decrease the possibility and cruelty of faults is a necessary solution.

That’s why overcoming the burden of physicians with an effective Revenue Cycle Management solution is very important to meet the requirements of your practices. Our Chicago Revenue Cycle Management services will be able to create your practice beneficial, creative, and well-organized in the up-to-date healthcare environment. Our Revenue Cycle Management Services can help you to reduce your operational cost, patient scheduling, increase revenue, claim management, posting payments, account receivable follow-up, minimal denial, and do other financial management of your practice.

Revenue Cycle Management Journey

The revenue cycle starts when patients book an appointment. In the same way, it closes when the payment is successfully done. In the whole process, so many activities are done to complete one transaction.

Patient Scheduling And
Eligibility Verification

The Medicator’s provide automated patient scheduling and eligibility verification service that allow the patient to book an appointment. We can also manage all patient requirement verification and approval obligations for your insurance.

Super Bill

The Meditator’s Super bill is used as a mother resource of data for making claims. Those claims will finally be offered to spenders for reimbursement. The super bill due balance is submitted by insurance companies.

Coding And

Our skilled medical billing and coding team uses the modern expertise that facilitates medical practices to prevent claim denials. Joining The Medicator’s can enhance your overall collections.

Receiving Payments

This process confirms that companies collect their payments in a specific time period, increase their collection rates, and process bills more speedily, adding to their revenue and managing account receivable follow-up.

Patient Visit
And Documentation

The Medicator’s is created for proper functioning, consistency, and usability. It provides higher structures, to maintain the records of previous patient visits and history. You can book your appointment, check report results, medical history, and document manager.

Co-Pays And
Patient Payment

The Medicator’s co-pays ensures the static amount that a healthcare recipient pays independently and pending dues are paid by the person’s insurance company towards medical treatment. The patient also pays expenses if it is not covered by the insurance company.

Errorless Claim

Our experts post errorless and correct claims to full insurance reimbursement. The Medicator’s supports you to send electronic claims to millions of financiers printing claims into paper and obtaining electronic claim processing reports.

Increase Profitability by Outsourcing Your Practice's RCM

Great changes are occurring in healthcare organizations, and mostly in the industry of Revenue Cycle Management. The latest technology, changing systems, and a past labor deficiency are struggling practices and providers. So practices start to improve financially, suffering shortage of billing professionals, growing operating costs, and slow down the revenue execution that impacts the financial strength of the practice. In-house RCM processes are complex and costly.

Therefore outsourcing rcm medical billing in Chicago can help to remove this burden. Cooperating with a faithful team up to manage their RCM, practice managers and medical practitioners can help to revert their focus to its most desirable extraordinary patient care.

The Medicator’s has a great team of skilled professionals that can handle your revenue cycle entire processes to maximize your revenue and minimize rejections and denials. As a result, it can increase the overall productivity of your practice. Furthermore, your practice can grow large profits.

The Medicator's Offers

When We Take Care of Your RCM

Reduced Operational

The Medicator’s healthcare billing services propose a complete solution of Innovative software, Process computerization, and up gradation at a reasonable price that does not require appointing professional billers that handle complicated billing queries.

Increased Revenue

Our objective is to help you increase your revenue and release your practice’s staff of time- utilizing billing responsibilities. We present excellent rcm medical billing services in Chicago that handle the insurance companies and patients’ billing inquiries.

You Focus on your

The Medicator’s skilled professionals manage entire end-to-end RCM services to reduce your staff’s burden and you can deeply concentrate on patient care. When you improve employee morale and patient flow it will help to develop employee-patient relationships.

No Patient Payment

The Medicator’s rcm medical billing services in Chicago manage the whole claim process including claim generation, claim approval, claim submission, and receiving payments from health care payers as soon as possible to minimize denial.

24/7 Active Support

The Medicator’s emphasis is on keeping your time and money saved as a result you will be able to expend more time concentrating on patient care. With 99% client holding rate, we are pleased to propose the maximum quality service in the business.

Dedicated Account

To manage the whole Revenue cycle management services we hire the fully active, skilled, trained and dedicated professionals that control and handle all the task related to your practice independently.

EHRs We Work With

To know the latest and advanced features of your EHRs we are experts in the following practice management systems:
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medical billing company
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medical billing company
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practice fusion

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