CPT Code 97535

CPT Code 97535

In the realm of medical coding, accuracy is paramount. CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes are essential tools for ensuring that healthcare providers are properly reimbursed for their services while maintaining a standardized system of documentation. Among the vast array of CPT codes, one that holds particular significance in the field of physical therapy is CPT Code 97535. In this article, we will delve into the details of CPT Code 97535, its importance, and how it plays a crucial role in the world of physical therapy.

Understanding CPT Codes

CPT codes are numerical descriptors assigned to various medical procedures and services. These codes are developed and maintained by the American Medical Association (AMA) and serve as a common language that healthcare providers, insurance companies, and other stakeholders use to communicate about medical procedures and services. Each code corresponds to a specific medical procedure, making it easier to track and bill for services.

CPT Code 97535 Explained

CPT Code 97535 is a specific code that falls under the category of physical therapy procedures. More precisely, it relates to the application of a modality to one or more areas of the body. In other words, it is used when a physical therapist utilizes physical agents, such as heat or cold, to facilitate a patient’s recovery or relieve pain.

Here is the official description of CPT Code 97535:

“Application of a modality to one or more areas; ultrasound, each 15 minutes.”

In plain terms, this code is used when a physical therapist employs ultrasound as a modality during a treatment session. The code refers to each 15-minute interval of ultrasound application.

The Importance of CPT Code 97535 in Physical Therapy

CPT Code 97535 holds significant importance in the field of physical therapy for several reasons:

Precise Billing:

Using the correct CPT code is crucial for accurate billing and reimbursement. Physical therapy services are typically billed in 15-minute increments, and CPT Code 97535 helps ensure that ultrasound treatments are billed accurately.


Proper coding helps in creating a comprehensive patient record. When a therapist uses CPT Code 97535, it clearly communicates to other healthcare providers and insurers that ultrasound was a part of the patient’s treatment plan.

Insurance Reimbursement:

Insurance companies use CPT codes to determine whether a specific treatment is covered under a patient’s policy. Using the appropriate code can improve the chances of insurance reimbursement.

Research and Data Analysis:

Accurate coding is essential for research and data analysis in the field of physical therapy. Researchers rely on CPT codes to study the effectiveness of various treatments, including ultrasound therapy.


The use of CPT codes standardizes the language used in medical billing and documentation. This ensures clarity and consistency in communication among healthcare providers and insurers.

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Clinical Applications of CPT Code 97535

Now that we understand the significance of CPT Code 97535 in physical therapy, let’s explore its clinical applications:

Pain Management:

Ultrasound therapy is commonly used in physical therapy to manage pain. It can help reduce pain and inflammation in the affected area, making it an essential tool for patients recovering from injuries or surgeries.

Tissue Healing:

Ultrasound is known to stimulate the healing process by increasing blood flow and promoting the repair of damaged tissue. This makes it valuable in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.

Flexibility and Mobility:

Ultrasound therapy can help improve joint flexibility and mobility. Physical therapists often use it in conjunction with exercises to enhance the range of motion in joints.

Soft Tissue Injuries:

It is particularly effective in treating soft tissue injuries like strains and sprains. The deep tissue penetration of ultrasound waves can target these injuries effectively.

Reducing Muscle Spasms:

Ultrasound therapy is also used to reduce muscle spasms and tension, providing relief to patients experiencing discomfort.

Diagnostic Aid:

In some cases, ultrasound therapy can be used diagnostically to assess the condition of the underlying tissues, helping physical therapists make more informed decisions about treatment.

It’s important to note that the application of CPT Code 97535 in a physical therapy session should be based on a thorough evaluation of the patient’s condition and a clear treatment plan developed by the therapist.

Challenges and Considerations

While CPT Code 97535 is a valuable tool in physical therapy, its use is not without challenges and considerations:

Training and Certification:

Physical therapists need to be trained and certified to use ultrasound therapy safely and effectively. This includes understanding the proper settings and techniques to avoid potential complications.

Equipment Costs:

Ultrasound therapy requires specialized equipment, which can be expensive. Healthcare facilities and clinics need to invest in high-quality ultrasound machines to provide this service.

Patient Education:

Patients should be educated about the benefits and potential risks of ultrasound therapy. Informed consent and a clear understanding of the procedure are crucial.

Billing Accuracy:

Accurate billing is essential to avoid errors in reimbursement. Physical therapists and billing staff must be well-versed in the correct use of CPT Code 97535.


CPT Code 97535 plays a crucial role in the field of physical therapy, particularly when it comes to the application of ultrasound therapy. This code ensures that physical therapists can accurately document and bill for their services, leading to proper reimbursement and better patient care. Ultrasound therapy, as represented by this code, offers a range of clinical benefits, including pain management, tissue healing, and improved mobility. However, its effective use also comes with challenges related to training, equipment, patient education, and billing accuracy.

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, accurate coding and documentation remain essential for maintaining transparency, facilitating insurance reimbursement, and advancing clinical research. CPT Code 97535 stands as a testament to the importance of these principles within the realm of physical therapy.

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