Improving Physician Productivity

Practice Tip of The Week: Improving Physician Productivity

Doctors have a lot going on that competes for their time: mounds of paperwork, more patients, requests for electronic medical records, antiquated technology, and constant interruptions. All of these problems cause stress and interfere with doctors’ ability to concentrate on treating patients, which is the main reason they became doctors in the first place. In case you, as a doctor/physician, are experiencing high levels of stress, the following advice will help to improving your productivity and feel more satisfied with your work. Enhancing efficiency can also lead to better patient care.

Delegate EMR responsibilities:

You will frequently come into contact with electronic medical records in your role as a doctor. However, managing this duty is exhausting when you have so much more on your plate. You will spend much longer on this problem if you are not familiar with the EMR system at your clinic. Look into delegating EMR duties to other team members in order to save time and ensure that the right data is documented.

Track your productivity progress:

Our most precious resource is time. Like anything else, the more we monitor it, the more conscious we become of the patterns that lead to our success. You have to keep track of your progress in order to gauge it. Start making quick notes about what you’re doing and not doing right now, whether you use a daily planner or a basic productivity tool. As an illustration:

  • What is the weekly amount of time you dedicate to paperwork and administrative duties?
  • How could that amount be lowered?
  • Do you finish the tasks on your daily to-do list?
  • Do you usually complete the charts from yesterday today?

Make it a daily habit to list your top administrative priorities and monitor your progress toward completing them. If you’re not consistently hitting your goal, consider what might be different and give a fresh approach a try. Physicians who devote ten to twenty hours a week to paperwork just do not have the time to be disorganized. With the help of these productivity ideas for doctors, you may finish administrative tasks more quickly.

Plan on and safeguard your everyday routine:

With so much to get done every day, adhering to a strict plan is crucial. Every workday should have a schedule, which you should safeguard all day long. Take charge of your calendar from the moment you get up and don’t let anyone else push you to attend extra meetings or take on tasks that aren’t absolutely necessary.

Utilize technology to automate processes.

According to a nationally representative poll of 4,720 American healthcare professionals who provide 20 or more hours of direct patient care each week, 8.7 hours (16.6% of working hours) are spent on administrative chores by the average US physician. The majority of a psychiatrist’s time (20.3%) is spent on management; internists and family practitioners follow (17.3% each).  Many healthcare procedures can be made simpler by technology. It includes appointment scheduling, billing management, team management, automated health records, virtual treatment, and much more. By using technology, doctors/physician may spend more time to improving productivity caring for patients and reduce the amount of paperwork and administrative work. Patients can book appointments as they choose when you use practice management software that facilitates appointment scheduling and booking automation.

Set up your workspace to be as productive as possible:

You can accomplish practically any activity more quickly and effectively when you are organized. Make sure everything you use most often is accessible and easily found by organizing your workspace to its fullest potential. If not, you won’t be genuinely productive and will instead find yourself squandering time searching for tools or documents.

Use practice management software:

Improving physician productivity, increased patient happiness, and higher-quality care all depend on effective time management. However, to improve your performance and efficiency, think about using practice management software if you want to drastically alter the way you manage your time.

Outsourcing practice management services:

Another option is to hire a third party to handle practice management entirely, or just a portion of the administrative duties. This may free up more time for medical professionals to provide care. Your providers might benefit from a better work-life balance once your administrative systems and procedures are in capable hands. A consulting firm is an additional excellent resource to take into consideration, as the industry’s demand is only expected to expand and companies seek to boost their profit margins. These organizations are able to create customized programs that boost output.

They are the best partners since they relieve the owners of the responsibility of carrying out these strategies, minimizing possible setbacks and guaranteeing long-term success. Determining what productivity means to a business, making sure staff members operate within the parameters of their licenses, automating routine chores, and bringing in outside experts are all essential to creating procedures that will guarantee a physician-owned practice’s continued success. 

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