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While many medical billing firms are operating in Texas, only a few of them have the necessary capacity to meet your billing needs fully. Texas is well known for its transparent and obvious claims-handling environment. According to Medical Billing Services in Texas statute, if a claim is processed electronically, the financier is required to pay a clean claim within a month. If the claim is not submitted on time, there will be a 45-day window in which to finish the payment. Consequently, compared to other states, Texas has a concise account receivable time.

In order to survive in Texas, you can only lower your healthcare costs and increase your revenue with the help of a competent billing service provider. We have made a name for ourselves as one of the top providers of medical billing and coding services because of our outstanding medical billing knowledge and unwavering dedication to quality. Leading provider of medical billing services in Texas for healthcare businesses is us because of our extensive service offering and commitment to client satisfaction.

Advantages of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services with The Medicator’s in Texas:

There are many advantages of outsourcing your medical billing process. A few of them are as follows:

A flawless billing procedure:

Our employees are highly skilled, knowledgeable about intricate claim submission procedures, and have received significant training. Staff members at The Medicator’s go through extensive process training and finish the necessary domain-driven and quality knowledge assessments.

Quickens Cash Flow:

With The Medicator’s outsourced billing services, customers may have a steady cash flow and quick collections. By giving us the freedom to handle medical bills swiftly, doctors can realize more significant economies of scale.

Boosts Patient Satisfaction:

Doctors can afford to devote all of their attention to patient care. The Medicator’s primary goal is to increase the client’s income. Medical billing services that are outsourced guarantee that every code is reimbursed correctly and promptly, that errors are found fast, and that denials are swiftly followed up on.

Billing Compliance:

We are a medical billing company that complies with HIPAA. We make sure that all operations have a strong integration of compliance.

Improve your medical billing cycle’s foundations:

It’s nice to work with seasoned billing and AHIMA, AAPC, certified coders. A combination of knowledge and technology works better. We have linked our revenue cycle management and workflow solutions with all of the main EHRs. The Medicator’s reveal your billing cycle’s leading performance indicators. Outsource your billing troubles, not process management.

The Medicator’s indicate each stage of your billing process. See billers’ performance reports, have secure communication, and send and receive alerts. The medications speed up your billing cycle by automating billing procedures.

Our Medical Billing Services in Texas offers:

  • Data input for every expense
  • submitting paper and electronic claims to primary and secondary insurance companies
  • Precise CPT and ICD-10 code audits.
  • Certified auditors who perform routine audits, as well as retrospective and prospective assessments of claims, in order to identify any underlying deficiencies.
  • Posting of payments following receipt from patients’ insurance companies.
  • Experienced billers who create and implement different medical billing models to increase revenue.
  • Medical billers certified by the CPB and knowledgeable with payer plans.
  • Professionals who are familiar with HIPAA, STARK, the False Claims Act, and the Fair Debt Collections Act.
  • Overly personalized monthly statements of finances.
  • You are comparing payer fee patterns and making any necessary changes to your practice.
  • Consultancy services for medical billing.
  • We are making patient statements.

Our team has many years of experience and a wealth of understanding in medical billing. In order to reduce expenses and optimize reimbursements, we can assist physicians and practices in and around the state of Texas.

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Our Software Expertise:

We are aware that a rising number of healthcare settings are using technology and that paper billing is becoming less and less common. Our Texas medical billers are aware of the benefits of automated procedures, and we take advantage of these technologies to provide our clients with more effective and affordable services. Our Texas medical billing specialists have experience with all EMRs and practice management systems, so you can be confident that they will work with the one your clinic uses.

Your best billing partner for medical services in Texas:

Working with a Texas-based medical billing company has its advantages, not the least of which is that we’re within a short distance from you. In Texas, we frequently host and support activities pertaining to healthcare. You can schedule a face-to-face consultation with our professionals in revenue management. Or ask for help with coding and billing on-site at any time.

We integrate seamlessly with the personnel, procedures, and technology of your practices. To prevent misunderstandings and errors, our billing staff functions as an extension of your current teams. And to be clear, we collaborate with your EHR.

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